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Behavior Change Tools

Transform Training & Development Into Improvement


Data-driven Behavior Change®

Proprietary, proven behavior change tools that accelerate and sustain lasting behavior change in the workplace. The tools are automated, integrated and very easy to implement.

Help people choose what and how to improve.
Convert learning and feedback into a solid action plan.
Provide ongoing, on-the-job support and accountability to implement the plan.
Effortlessly connect people with mentors.
Provide support for successful change outside the classroom. 

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Document Long-term Results 

In addition to accelerating individual success, the Data-driven Behavior Change tools effortlessly collect data about what people are working on, how hard they are trying and if they are succeeding. You get up to 12 months of data about every step of the change process. 


Improve Skills & Leadership

Change takes time. You need a process that delivers support over time. The Data-driven Behavior Change® process delivers up to 12 months of support for change, ensuring that people use the new skills they learn or clearly documenting why they fell short, identifying potential causes of Positive Harm™. 

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Add To Any Training Or Development Program 

The tools work with any training program. Customize the tools and brand everything. You stay connected with trainees and learn how they implemented your content. We do all the work for you, so the only thing that requires your time is looking at the results. 


Get to Level 4

Most organizations are familiar with Dr. Kirkpatrick's Model of Training Evaluation (left). An informal survey at a recent ATD conference found 96% of training organizations don't get past Level 1.  

The Data-driven Behavior Change® tools effortlessly deliver the data to get you to level 4, without having to write surveys, conduct focus groups, or take on additional work. 

More importantly, it helps your participants succeed as they implement new skills on the job.