Prove your training works


Get the data to provide proof

Training programs are typically a single event, not ongoing processes. Until now, there has not been an easy way to support participants after the event or gather data showing whether or not the training made a difference back on the job.

The Data-driven Behavior Change® process delivers ongoing support and encouragement to use what was learned in the classroom back in the workplace.

The tools gather data at every step so trainers can show their clients their training's long-term impact on the organization. Those are just a few of the benefits.

Identify what people really learn in training

A 360 survey is a great way to identify a participant’s skill prior to training. We’ve taken it one step further and incorporated a training pre-test for the self and an automated post-test once the training is over. This information arms trainers with a baseline on participants’ skills before they walk into the classroom. It also identifies what concepts were adopted and which skills developed as a direct result of the training.

Transfer Training From the Classroom To The Workplace

Our proprietary Action Report™ helps participants not only decide what to improve, it teaches them how to improve. Action Reports™ also provide real data about which concepts and skills people chose to take from the classroom back to the workplace.

Convert Training from an Event Into A Process

Once a trainee has completed the plan in the Action Report, the trainee’s plan is loaded into the Phone Coach. The trainee receives ongoing support and is connected with a mentor to help trainees stay focused on improvement. Trainees can receive calls for up to 12 months. These calls not only reminds them of the training concepts, they support trainees as they improve.

Effortlessly Collect Data About Ongoing Impact Of The Training

The Phone Coach collects data on each call. Add the data from periodic Mini-Surveys, and you have an ongoing data source that has never been available before. The Data-driven Behavior Change® Longitudinal report provides a long-term view of the impact of your training. You can prove that your training works.

Stay Connected With Training Participants

Because training is an event and trainers have to move on to the next event, few training providers enjoy an efficient process for staying connected with participants once the training is over. Some send out emails, newsletters and reminders. The Phone Coach makes it possible for trainers to deliver voice messages of support. Record a message once and it reaches all participants at the appropriate time.

Imagine being able to stay connected with your trainees for up to 12 months after the class ended. Now it’s easy to do.