Our clients are our best sales people.


“Can I just tell you how much I love STAR? ! I love working with you guys”   – Manager, Pepsi


“I appreciate our partnership. My managers who have taken the 360 are communicating nothing but praise!!!”   – Warren Orr, IE Discovery


“It was all very simple. STAR made us look like we knew what we were doing.”   – Professor, UNT


“It’s all about flexibility. STAR’s services and technology are outstanding.”   – Consultant, Teambuilding Consulting Company


“The best things are the high speed and, the low cost, and flexibility. I love how easy this whole process was to outsource to STAR”   – OD Consultant, Consulting Firm


“The people at STAR are visionary, always looking ahead. STAR’s taken our suggestions, and people here are amazed. Wow, they did that?”   – Project Manager, Sprint


“STAR’s process is very user friendly. It takes care of itself”   – HR Director, Baptist Health

“STAR’s survey process was very cost effective. It generated good information with a minimum of effort on our part”   – HR Director, Health First




“Working with STAR made my job so much easier. Our data was updated and available to me at any time I needed it.”   – Project Manager, Athena Diagnostics


“STAR is friendly, supportive, proactive, cost effective, and customer focused.”   – Senior Consultant, Consulting Company


“STAR’s always improving their system. It’s seamless to us. Sometimes I’ll “pie in the sky” and STAR will pick up on it, and make it happen”   – 360 Project Manager, Sprint


“Working with the people at STAR is fantastic. They’re informal, no confusing technical lingo, and they know what they’re doing.”   – Quality Control Manager, Chase


“I liked that I was told everything: pricing, timing, deliverables. There were no surprises. We got everything we expected”   – Consultant, Leadership Consulting Company


“The STAR 360 tool is outstandingly flexible AND affordable, and the STAR 360 team is extremely responsive, collaborative, dedicated to the client, and experts in their field.”   – Nancy Miles, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt


“STAR was so easy to work with, and flexible. They were willing to do whatever was necessary to make it work for us, to fit into what we were trying to achieve”   – HR Director, Baptist Health Systems

“The people at STAR are wonderful to work with. It’s a very pleasant organization to interact with. They’re ready to listen”   – HR Coordinator, Motorola


“The quality of the reports was exceptional. STAR’s reports are the best we’ve seen. The analysis and the interpretations were clear. Reports were easy to read, easy to understand”   – Susan O’Brien, Announce Media


“Our clients seem to really like how easy STAR’s survey process is to use, and how thorough it is.”   – OD Consultant, Leadership Consulting Company


“STAR customized our rater invitation process, which made it much simpler for our managers. Our project manager made everything so easy. My boss was pleased, and our employees gave us great reviews.”   – Executive Development Director, Major Health Company


“With STAR, it’s easy to gather the data we need. STAR really knows what they’re doing”    – HR Coordinator, Motorola


“STAR’s reports are great. People love the reports.”   – Senior Program Manager, USDA