True North Leadership

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True North Leadership


To be an effective leader, it’s essential to be true to the principles that define who you are. 

This survey allows you to identify the bedrock beliefs that will point you in the direction of your own personal “true north” and enables you to lead from a position of strength.

You are equipped to live your purpose, operate from your strongest values, motivations and capabilities, and to empower others to advance the mission of their organization.

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About the Authors:

Bill George is a NY Times Best Selling Author ,professor at Harvard Business School and serves on the board of directors of ExxonMobil, Goldman Sachs, and Novartis. Bill is the author of best-selling books Authentic Leadership and True North, Discover Your Authentic Leadership.

As Chief Executive at Medtronic, he grew the company from $1.1 billion to $60 billion. Among his many awards, he has been named one of “Top 25 Business Leaders of the Past 25 Years” by PBS.

Nick Craig is the President of Authentic Leadership Institute and has over 20 years of experience helping leaders create a strong culture of execution, balanced with high integrity, congruency, and authenticity.