Values Driven Leadership


Values Driven Leadership

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Organizations with a great sense of social mission and driven by their values look to their leaders to implement those values.  The STAR Values-based Leadership 360 measures a leader’s core values of stewardship and integrity.  You’ll clarify your capacity to build your organization ethically and honestly and locate any chinks in your ethical armor. 

Use this survey as a template, customize it and brand it as your own.

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About the Authors

Bruce Bennett, MBA, has over 30 years or organizational development consulting experience. He has worked as an independent consultant and an employee of Ford Motor Company. As a cofounder of STAR360feedback, he has worked many companies helping them plan, execute and improve their 360 feedback processes. His vision has shaped STAR360feedback and it’s growth.

Bruce is actively involved in his community and is the Executive Director of RealVictory, a nonprofit organization helping criminal juvenile offenders turn from crime and become contributing members of society. He continues doing research with several universities to identify key elements of successful behavior change and has been instrumental in bringing to market exciting new support technologies to improve human performance.

Bonnie Williamson, MBA, For the last 20 years, as Senior Consultant, Bonnie has helped to create successful 360 survey experiences for client participants, administrators and decision makers all over the world.