Data-driven Behavior Change®

We are all about change.

Our Mission is to inform, guide, accelerate and sustain skill improvement. Our people, technology and processes are mission driven which demands that we provide exceptional expertise, technology, service and relationship skills to every client regardless of their size. That is who we are.

We’ve collected survey data from millions of people, across 45 countries and dozens of languages. Our clients range from Fortune 50 companies to one-person consultancies. We’ve refined and improved our processes for decades, by responding to requests from clients and the expertise of our founders.


STAR was founded in 1996 as a joint venture between an organizational development consulting company and a technology company. Our focus is creating technologies that help people improve and gathering data to show the improvement.

In addition to our corporate work, in 2004 we began partnering with university researchers and criminal justice officials to help people turn from crime and become productive members of society.   We developed innovative technologies and, with the help of researchers, refined them into a product that reduces recidivism by 49.2%, documented by independently published random control trials.

We are passionate about helping others improve.  We’ve taken what we’ve learned in the criminal justice system and are applying it to training and leadership development.  The results are extremely positive.


A client who called to thank us for our contribution to their success provided an excellent description of our staff. The client said, “The people (at STAR) are smart, professional, friendly, life-and-death dependable, and funny – our best partners ever.” Our staff are seasoned, skilled experts who love their work and love to work with our clients. We relish the feeling that comes as we accomplish our mission of a stunning success with each client.


Our technology is tried and tested. Our uptime is 99.96%. Our security is rock solid. Some of our clients are nationwide banks that require us to pass the same security audit as a company that handles customer bank account information. Because of our mission, we are constantly improving our technology to maintain our leadership.

Our clients appreciate being on the leading edge without having to worry about falling off. One client called one day and told us they were grateful for our partnership because, “STAR is always improving their system. It’s seamless to us… I’ll 'pie in the sky' and STAR will pick up on it, and make it happen.”


STAR has grown steadily since 1996. Many of our initial clients continue to work with us because of the expertise, technology and service we offer.